Time travel is an easy and natural process. It is something we do every moment of our lives and for the remaining of our existence afterwards too.
Time moves constantly forwards and we move along with it. To time we are always standing still, just in different positions.
Before we look at how we may be able to time travel through time we will look at our world as made up of four planes. The first three planes are X, Y and Z. The fourth plane is time. Understanding the first three is simple. X, the directional plane of east-west. Y, the directional plane of north-south. Z, the directional plane of up-down (or altitude). We can easily mark ourselves at a point on these three planes. We can also mark ourselves at a point in time, at the moment I am at point 3rd August 1998, 16 hours, 13 minutes and 36 seconds. But just as I am writing this my point in time has changed, thought my point in the other three planes has stayed the same.
Time measurement is then a bit more difficult, we are not really measuring where we are in time but how much time has passed or will pass, to a certain event. In effect we are always at point zero in time, thus we are not travelling in time at all.
So how can we move through time?
Travelling through one of the other planes is easy enough. You just need to walk, dig, climb or use some means of transport. But time is not that easy. What we need to do is the same with the other planes. First we need to learn how. How do you move in the fourth plane? Now it does not take most of us long to learn to walk in the first and second planes. And we can move a little in the third without any aides, try jumping or falling!
So why is it so difficult for us to move in the fourth?

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