Donald I think we took a wrong turning back there.
Gerry Well it all looks very unfamiliar to me.
Donald It all seems so different from how I remember things.
Gerry Yes, it is all so much bigger. And everything so much further.
Donald I wish we could just call a cab, all this walking is killing my feet.
Gerry But we wont find a cab around here. This area is so deserted.
Donald So strange. New York and I can’t see another person around.
Gerry Well, it is late. I don’t think we will see anyone around here at this time of night.
Donald I suppose you are right. But where are we?
Gerry That I don’t know. We have been walking for ages. We could be anywhere.
Donald Well I know where we aint. We aint at home in bed.
Gerry That isn’t going to happen for some time. We have other things to resolve before we get there.
Donald Only if we find the place before some one finds us.
Gerry I used to know this place so well. But now I am just lost. Not a clue where abouts we are.
Donald Let’s sit down and think where we are. Take in the surroundings, we could then figure something out.
Gerry Okay.
Donald Right. To our left we have a filing cabinet marked personnel. In front of me is a computer and a notepad.
Gerry Well going by the filing cabinet I would say that we are in personnel.
Donald Right. So where do we go from here?
Gerry I don’t know. I give up. I don’t think we will ever find the front door.
Donald Last time I ask you to stay back with me and clean up after an office party.
Gerry Last time I offer. I thought you’d at least know the way out of this place.
Donald Hey, I have enough trouble finding my desk first thing in the morning.
Gerry That’s a good idea. Let’s find your desk and retrace your steps back from there.
Donald Hey that’s a good idea. Oh! Hang on. No it’s not.
Gerry Why not. We would find the door.
Donald No we wouldn’t. We would find the broom closet. I slept there last night.
Gerry Oh! Let’s do it for the day before.
Donald Yeah! Now that is a good idea. Can you think back that far?
Gerry Nope!
Donald Me neither.
Gerry Oh!
Donald So which desk you want?
Gerry I’ll take the one on this side, it looks softer.
Donald Okay mate. Sleep well. Personnel should wake us about 9 tomorrow morning.
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