Dropped stitches is a common problem amongst fumbling knitters. Have you ever wondered where those dropped stitches go?
If the knitter is lucky the stitch may of just dropped down a row in their knitting. In which case it can be just picked up and the knitter can carry on. But often the stitch is dropped too far away to be added back in and a new stitch has to be created or a hole left.
The dropped stitches will fall down the back of the seat or onto the floor. Most stitches could stay there for days being too small to notice. Those stitches that are not vacuumed up and thrown away are collected by the faeries for use in their own garments and such things. The faeries carefully entwine these dropped stitches into a small ball ready to make another faery woollen coat or a winter blanket. The tooth faeries can often be seen wearing little woollen jackets during the winter months made from dropped stitches.