After writing the post for the Google Instant A to Z and noticing quite a few of the sites I visit on the list I thought it was time I wrote my own A to Z.

So here it is.

A is for Amazon

Books and mp3s.
Amazon is a delight to use, not always the cheapest for books, especially specialist ones.
The site is easy to use and as used by many you can often find a variety of reviews on the books you are looking at.
I like the fact it remembers what I have brought so knows what to suggest. Yes it’s a marketing ploy to get me to spend more money but if I’m on the site I am there to spend money! What I don’t like is when they send me emails suggesting, which reminds me I must turn that off.

B is for BBC News

The BBC site is all good but my use for it is the news (and weather). It is always my first stop to find out what is going on in the world and the local area. Lunch times are often spent browsing the beeb to see if anything interesting has happened.

C is for Celtic Spirit

A wonderful drink I cam across at the Good Food show a number of years ago. I was very pleased with the taste and the nice warm feeling it left afterwards and even more pleased that they have their own website that I can order an extra bottle or two from when it has all gone.

D is for Dominos

Should I have a fast food listed in my A-Z? I do like their pizza and it does get eaten at least once a month. The other choice for D was my own website which would be a bit silly and egotistic.

E is for eBay

What can I say. Everyone has heard of eBay, and nearly everyone has used it. Not a big user of the site, but great for a bargain. I got my last phone there for £8.50 and will most likely do the same for my next (though this one has a lot of life in it yet!)

F is for Facebook

The website to tell everyone you vaguely know what you are having for lunch.

The site can be used or abused and too many people take it too seriously and the rest of us know it’s there for a bit of fun and stay in touch. I admit ashamedly it is the only way I stay intouch with some people, but at least it means I do.

G is for Google

Google is a search engine, Google is my friend. I am a BIG fan of Google. The results always seem better and more relevant than other search engines I have used. And I like knowing the answer, and if I don’t Google knows. My happiness with Google is complete knowing that I can take it with me wherever I go.

H is for Homebase

I usually shop instore but the website lets me find what I am looking for first. As we are doing a lot of work on the house (though we are taking it slowly) Homebase is often my port of call for bits and peices. The fact it is only five minutes up the road and open after work is a great bonus.

I is for IMDB

I like to know the answer. Watching a film and not knowing what I have seen them in before bugs me. IMDB, The Internet Movie Database, has the answers and allows me to rest easy at night.

J is for Jigzone

More a website for the wife though I used to play it a lot. I very large selection of jigsaws available to play online and you can even choose a selection of shapes and number of pieces.

K is for Kevin and Kell

Married life of a rabbit and a wolf. A brilliant comic strip set in a parrallel world full of animals that live pretty much as we do. Some of the jokes, especially in the early strips, can be computer based but that just adds to my enjoyment of it.

L is for Last.FM

Another website I often use, not directly but through my Roberts internet radio or the Xbox. Last.FM allows you to stream music to your device (or pc) according to certain tags or by artist. By artist will also play music by similar artists. Sometimes finds a hidden gem of an artist I hadn’t listened to before. And the best thing unlike normal radio if it does play anything you don’t like it can be skipped.

M is for Microsoft

I was a little loathed to make this M but the fact of the matter is I use their products and often use their websites too.

Windows 7, Live, Visual Studio Express, Office 2010 have all been used today and suprisingly the XBox hasn’t so Microsoft had to have a mention. I’m liking their products more than I used to, I think they really have got better over the years.

And the fact I have a reasonable development suite (Visual Studio Express) for free makes life easy.

N is for National Lottery

It’s only £2 a week but I am sure I would be a little bit richer if I hadn’t spent them. Nevermind I’ll keep my hopes up and one day I could get that email that says I have won a fortune.

O is for Ordnance Survey

Maps at the ready. Or more importantly if you haven’t got the map OS have.

P is for PlusNet

My phone and broadband providor. I have been with PlusNet a long time and have always been happy with the service (they have won awards for it). Used to be called FreeOnline, when they offered free dialup internet, and now owned by BT they have been through a few changes but have always been a reliable and value for money service.

Q is for Qimo 4 Kids

Qimo is a Linux distribution aimed at children from 3 up. It all looks pretty and is the choice of install for our net book, which will be our son’s first computer (who is 3). And might let me do something rather than watch nursery rhymes on YouTube.

R is for Ronnie Sunshines

Cast iron camp cooking equipment. We got a lovely pan and dutch oven which was put to good use over the summer holiday. They also keep a wide selection of knives and bush craft bits ‘n’ bobs. And if you are that way inclined guns, sling shots, bows and arrows as well.

Delivery from website has been prompt (next day) and the staff were very helpful when we went in the store.

S is for Scouts

My hobby and some weeks it seems my life! I have been involved in scouting for nearly 30 years (from when I was a Scout myself). As a leader I still get a lot of enjoyment, friends and weekends away out of it as I did as a Scout. Now I’m passing on what I learnt, sometimes hard work but it’s all good at the end of the day and would recommend it to anyone.

T is for TVGuide

Don’t buy TV guides. And there is no need to interrupt the programme being watched (or turn the TV on). This wonderful web site will show you what is on the TV, you can easily see what type of programme, change time and day and even select what channels you want to see.

U is for UK Campsite

I use this website every time we book a stay on a commercial site. We have found some great sites through here. Lots of info about the campsites and other peoples reviews helps me to decide if it is the site I want. Great search options and the ability to show children free sites and sites you can have a real fire.

V is for Vango

I didn’t really have any V sites, but I have visited the site recently when looking for a new sleeping bag for my son. And the sleeping bags we use already are Vango so it had to be worth a mention. Of course they do more than sleeping bags which you can find out all about on the site.

W is for WordPress

An obvious choice for W as the code behind this website, and some others I do, is WordPress. I used to fiddle about writing my own code but when thinking I wanted it to do so much more and a lot of writing I did some searching and found that WordPress had come on in leaps and bounds and would do everything I wanted. And WordPress is used by many sites, Number10 & CNN to name two.

X is for Xbox

Our home media system. The Xbox is a clever bit of kit that allows us to play our stored movies on to our TV as well as our stored mp3 collection and stream from Last.FM. Ofcourse it is a games machine as well, and though we didn’t buy it for that ability I do now have a collection of games that I can spend all night playing.

Y is for YouTube

YouTube has one main use in our home, to keep my son entertained and educated. I’m no good at remembering nursery rhyme words and awful at tunes but YouTube has them all. It’s a nice way to relax together before sending him up to bed.

Z is for Zune

Time for a movie and there is nothing on the TV and a trip to blockbusters is too much bother. Zune is the answer, allows us to stream movies (often in HD) through the XBox to the TV. It often has the latest DVD releases, so really does save a trip out.

So there you have it 26 sites that I use (directly or indirectly), some more often or not.

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