One night as Dorf laid in bed a thought started forming in his head…..

Thought Why am I here? What’s it all about? Why does it feel all cold and lonely up here?
Thought2 It is cold. Maybe it is all this empty space that does it.
Thought Sorry? Who are you?
Thought2 I’m another thought. I’m here to keep you company.
Thought I didn’t think a person could have two thoughts at the same time.
Thought2 Well with all this space there is plenty of room. Any way how do you think? A thought can’t have a thought!
Thought’s thought Of course a thought can think, and I’m the proof.
Thought2 And you are?
Thought’s thought I’m Thought’s thought.
Thought2 I wonder if I can have a thought.
Thought Why wonder about it, when you can think about it.
Thought2 I don’t think I can.
Thought’s thought You just did.
Thought2 Did what?
Thought2’s thought Think. And to prove it I just popped into existence.
Thought2 So we are now four thoughts. I wonder where the wonders go.
Thought I think they disappear rather quickly.
Thought’s thought Yes, you quite often hear of 5 minute wonders.
Thought2 Thought, you shouldn’t of done that again.
Thought’s 2nd thought Make room for another thought.
Thought2’s thought Do you think this guy ever has any interesting thoughts?
Thought I dunno, I don’t want to think again.
Thought’s thought At least it is getting warmer in here.
Thought2’s thought’s thought Yes we should be alright now.
Thought2 Who are you?
Thought2’s thought’s thought I’m your thoughts’ thought.
Thought I think my head hurts.
Thought’s 3rd thought You haven’t got a head, you’re a thought.
Thought’s 2nd thought Please all stop thinking it’s getting a bit crowded in here now.
Thought We have to find a way to stop these extra thoughts.
Thought2 I think I have the answer.
Thought2’s 2nd thought You have? I may be new here but I’d like to hear the solution.
Thought2: Forget it. I don’t think it would work anyway.
Thought2’s 3rd thought Neither do I. If you all stopped thinking at least I would be the last.
Thought2’s thought’s thought I think he’s right.
Thought2’s thought’s thought’s thought Where am I? Why am I? Who are you lot?
Thought You are in a mind.
Thought2 You are a thought.
Thought’s thought We are all thought’s too.
Thought2’s thought’s thought’s thought Can there really be this many thoughts in one mind?
Thought’s 2nd thought It seems so.
Thought2’s 2nd thought Though you wouldn’t think it was possible.
Thought2’s thought I hope he doesn’t think at all.
Thought’s thought How do you know it is a he?
Thought2’s thought Well I don’t know, I just sort of thought it was.
Thought2’s thought’s 2nd thought Weeeeeeeee! Hello thoughts. I am the new thought on the block.
Thought I think he’s mad.
Thought’s thought It’s just a thought, It isn’t a he or she, It’s just a thought.
Thought’s 4th thought Wouldn’t you be mad coming into a mind as crowded as this?
Thought2 I don’t know if I’d be mad. But I would definitely be a little cross, there is nowhere left to sit.
Thought’s 2nd thought At least you haven’t got anyone standing on your head.
Thought2 But I haven’t got a head I’m a thought.
Thought’s 2nd thought Oh, I didn’t think of that.
Thought2’s thought’s thought Well don’t start now.
Thought Start what now?
Thought2 He was just telling your 2nd thought not to start thinking.
Thought Oh, good idea.
Thought’s thought How many times do I have to say it, we are just thoughts, not he’s or she’s.
Thought’s 4th thought Are you sure? I’m attracted to you and I know I’m not gay, so we must be different sexes.
Thought’s 3rd thought That’s a thought, we could start our own community. What does everyone think about it?
Thought I don’t want anyone to think about it.
Thought’s 3rd thought’s thought Think about what?
Thought2 Never mind, just don’t think.
Thought2’s 2nd thought Remember that thought we shouldn’t think about. Errrm … well … I did!
Thought Oh dear! This is getting very crowded.
Thought2’s 2nd thought’s thought Ow! someone just nudged me.
Thought’s 3rd thought Can a thought nudge?
Thought’s 4th thought Yes, I think it can.
Thought’s thought I think there is too much thinking going on again.
Thought’s thought’s thought I think you’re right.
Thought I think I might as well give up.
Thought2 I think I’ll join you.
Thought’s 3rd thought Well if we’ve all stopped not thinking any thought’s on this community idea?
Thought’s 4th thought And any more thought’s if we are male and female or just no sexed things?
Dorf AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

While reformatting this and reading through I had my own thoughts on whether thoughts have a sex or not. I’m sure I’ll get some stick for this but it was obvious really. Rational thoughts are male and irrational thoughts female.

I think I’ll leave it at that.

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