This was originally written, as with most of the Second Thoughts, way back in 1998.
This was 9 years before my son was born; but his name happened to be the first name I picked for this skit. The other character was called John, this is similar enough to one of Adam’s friends, Jake, that I changed the characters name. I seriously hope this skit is something they will never act out, or anything similar, but some days I do wonder….

Adam Nope, that wont work either.
Jake What wont work?
Adam This. I’m trying to use a fork this time.
Jake No luck?
Adam Nope, it wont work with the fork. I’m sure you were wrong.
Jake Try using something else, there must be another way to do it.
Adam Are you sure? I think using the knife was the only way.
Jake Of course you can, there must be more than one way.
Adam I dunno, I’m sure that was the only way.
Jake Here, try this knife instead.
Adam No. I think that would be classed as the same way. It has to be done a different way. Not just with a different size knife.
Jake Well, you would really need something sharp. These other kitchen utensils just wont do.
Adam Yeah, I tried the fish slice first.
Jake Any luck?
Adam No luck at all.
Jake Well as I said there is more than one way.
Adam Hmmm….. I wonder if boiling it, and then peeling it off will work.
Jake It has to be worth a try. I’ll go and get a saucepan, you get another one of them.
Adam That’s going to take some time. I’ll see if I can find another method to be getting on with.
Jake Shall I put it in before the water boils or after?
Adam Hmmm …. put two on we can try it both ways.
Jake Okay, good idea. I hope this works.
Adam Yes it is a lot of work just to check if a saying is true.
Jake I am sure it is.
A little time passes.
Adam Well the water has boiled. I’ll put the other one in.
Jake Okay, I can’t wait to see the results.
Adam Me neither.
A little more time passes.
Jake It looks like they are done.
Adam Okay you take one and I’ll do the other one.
Jake Coo, it’s peeling off really easily.
Adam Yes this one too.
Jake Well it is true then. There really is more than one way to skin a cat.
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