Cowboy 1 There are a lot of injuns down on that reservation.
Cowboy2 Yup, partner.
Cowboy 1 I wonder what type of injuns they are.
Cowboy 2 Well partner. There is a lot of different injuns down there. You point one out and I’ll tell you what kind they are.
Cowboy 1 Okay partner. How about that one putting up the wigwam ?
Cowboy 2 That’s an Apache.
Cowboy 1 And that one, the one weaving that hair ?
Cowboy 2 That ones a Sioux.
Cowboy 1 And what about that one running through the camp with a pail of water, going ‘Nee Nah, Nee Nah!’ ?
Cowboy 2 Ah! That’s just a Fire Injun !!!
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