This was written as part of the entertainment for an evening of a Scout Leaders training weekend. The the theme was Sweden and the obvious choice was sing something by ABBA. The wife didn’t like this idea, and neither would anyone else if they’d heard her sing, so I came up with this as an alternative.

Too add to the entertainment the audience were all given a bingo card with song titles on to mark off as the play progressed. A prize for the first person to call house. Every card had the title ‘Thank you for the music’ so sweeties we handed out to all.

The song titles have been highlighted in the text.

Opener This is a play set in Stockholm about two star-crossed lovers.
Though the play has little else to do with Sweden the author was listening to ABBA while writing. Which may have influenced the script slightly
This is an original piece especially written for you and any resemblence to any thing written by a certain Mr. Shakespear is purely coincedental, honest!
Eyes down, and a prize for a full house.
Narrator Act 1, Scene 1 – Stockholm. A public place.
Enter Tybalt and Svenvolio (from different directions)
Svenvolio I will always fight those of the house of Erikson
Tybalt And I those from the house of Johanson
Svenvolio and Tybalt fight
Enter the prince
Prince Stop this fighting at once I want to see no one under atttack or I will call the soldiers. The next person who breaks the peace between the two houses will be punished by death.
Tybalt and Svenvolio stop fighting, the Prince and Tybalt leave
Enter Fernando
Svenvolio Good-morrow, cousin Fernando, what is wrong?.
Fernando I am in love, Nina, pretty ballerina. I am head over heels, my mind is in a crazy world. Should I laugh or cry?
Svenvolio You have a hole in your soul. Fate will take a hand, let’s go.
Exit Fernando & Svenvolio
Narrator Act 1, Scene 2 – A street of Stockholm
Enter Servant
Servant I can not read, what does my master expect from me
Enter Svenvolio and Fernando
Servant I pray sir you can read, I don’t know where to take this invitation
Fernando That I can
Fernando and Svenvolio read the servants note
Fernando This is an invitation for Nina to a ball. Servant you wish to take this to house of Anderson
Servant Thank you Sir, and I ask you to join us. At the house of Erikson, if you are not a Johanson of course.
Servant exits
Fernando Svenvolio I must go and see Nina. I will wear a mask and join the party.
Svenvolio and Fernando exit
Narrator Act 1, Scene 3 – A room in Erikson’s house
Enter Lady Erikson and Nurse Chiquita
Lady Erikson Nurse Chiquita where is my daughter? Call her to me.
Chiquita Cassandra
Enter Cassandra
Cassandra That’s me.
Lady Erikson Cassandra, we are going to marry you off to a count called Bjorn.
Cassandra But, I am just a girl I don’t want to marry for Money, Money, Money.
Lady Erikson Love isn’t easy.
.Cassandra But it sure is hard enough.
Exit Cassandra, Lady Erikson and Chiquita
Narrator Act 1, Scene 4 – The Erikson’s house – they ball is about to begin
Enter Erikson and Cassandra
Erikson Cassandra, we will welcome the visitors on their arrival.
Enter Tybalt
Cassandra Greetings cousin Tybalt
Tybalt bows then goes and talks with Erikson
Enter Fernando (in a mask)
Fernando My lips, your hands they need to touch, you are a fine girl, may we kiss?
Cassandra You have many fine words for a stranger, go on one quick one.
Fernando kisses Cassandra
Tybalt notice it is Fernando behind the mask as he kisses Cassandra
Fernando The time has come for me to go, So Long.
Exit quickly Fernando
Tybalt joins Cassandra
Tybalt I think that was the villian Fernando Johanson
Cassandra gasps – Erikson joins Tybalt and Cassandra
Cassandra I wish to catch up with my cousin Helena.
Cassandra leaves the stage calling as she goes
Cassandra Hey, Hey Helen-a
Erikson Tybalt, find me Bjorn I wish to talk to him the way old friends do.
Tybalt leaves in one direction and Erikson the other.
Narrator Act 2, Scene 1 – The Erikson Orchard
Fernando enters
Cassandra enters on a balcony
Fernando But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and Cassandra is the sun.

See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!

O, that I were a glove upon that hand,

That I might touch that cheek!

Cassandra Ay me!
Fernando She speaks:

O, speak again, bright angel eyes! For thou art

As glorious to this night, being o’er my head

Like and angel passing through my room

Cassandra O Fernando, Fernando! Wherefore art thou Fernando?
Fernando Sitting in the palm tree
Cassandra Let us put aside our names of Erikson and Johanson we are but One man, One woman. Take a chance on me and lay your love on me.
Fernando I do, I do, I do, I do, I do you are my love, my life.
Cassandra We shall meet again tomorrow
Cassandra exits the balcony
Fernando exits
Narrator Act 2, Scene 2 – Friar Laurence’s cell
Enter Friar Laurence
Friar Laurence Benedictuse qui venit, hasta manana, in nomine Domini. Andante, Andante, Santa Rosa, Hosanna in excelsis.
Enter Fernando
Fernando Hello Friar
Friar Laurence What brings you to me so early?
Fernando I am in love, but it is maybe someone I should not.
Friar Laurence People need love. It is no longer Nina? What about Happy Hawaii last summer.
Fernando Our last summer in the tropical love-land
Friar Laurence What about Livingstone or Elaine?
Fernando Father, I am under no disillusion it is a girl. Cassandra.
Friar Laurence Mama mia! A member of the opposite house.
Though I wonder this may bring peace to the families.
Fernando Thank you Friar, I will see you tomorrow
Fernando exits
Friar Laurence Time to see the bees I need some more Honey, Honey.
Friar Laurence exits
Narrator Act 2, Scene 3 – A street in Stockholm
Enter Svenvolio and Fernando
Svenvolio Fernando you are in a dreamworld you can not have this Cassandra.
Enter Nurse Chiquita
Chiquita Which one of you is Fernando?
Fernando Me and I. How can I help my lady?
Chiquita I have a message from Cassandra she can not meet you as she must prepare for her up and coming wedding to Bjorn. But when all is said and done I know Cassandra, and she will be at confession tomorrow.
Chiquita exits
Svenvolio I must leave to, I see Suzie over there, she is in a Rock & Roll Band and I want her to Rock Me before she heads off for another town, another train.
Svenvolio exits calling out as he does
Svenvolio Suzie-hang-around
Fernando exits
Narrator Act 2, Scene 4 – Friar Laurence’s Cell
Enter Friar Laurence and Fernando
Friar Laurence So smile the heavens upon this holy act, that after hours with sorrow chide us not!
Enter Cassandra
Fernando I’ve been waiting for you.
Friar Laurence Quickly we go to the Chapel and I will perform the wedding ceremony where god will marry you
Cassandra Won’t you perform the service?
Friar Laurence My child, I am but the Man in the middle.
Exit Friar Laurence, Cassandra and Fernando
Narrator Act 3, Scene 1 – A public place in Stockholm
Enter Mercutio and Tybalt from opposite places
Tybalt So if it’s not Mercutio the Johanson’s dancing queen.
Mercutio I will fight you for those harsh words
Mercutio and Tybalt sword fight
Enter Fernando
Tybalt Two for the price of one.
Fernando I am not here to fight
Fernando moves between the fighters as he does Mercutio misses a parry and his stabbed
Mercutio Aarrgghh!!! Why did it have to be me?
Mercution staggers and dies at the edge of the stage
Fernando You kill my brother I will kill you
Tybalt He is your brother?
Fernando Well, he was like a brother, watchout, one of us is about to die
Fernando stabs Tybalt who staggers to the edge of the stage
Enter the Prince
Prince Fernando you know the punishment, but I saw what happened and you were only avenging the death of your friend, that is the Name of the game, for this I will banish you to Waterloo
Fernando Shouldn’t the city decide?
Prince The king has lost his crown, I am the City
Exit the Prince and Fernando
Narrator Act 3, Scene 2 – The Orchard
Enter Nurse Chiquita and Cassandra
Chiquita I have news of Fernando, I found this out when I kissed the teacher. Fernando killed Tybalt and has been banished to Waterloo.
Cassandra Fernando, my Super trooper, I must see him before he goes.
Chiquita I will Put on your white sombrero and go to the Friar’s cell tonight
Exit Cassandra and Chiquita
Narrator Act 3, Scene 3 – The Orchard later that night
Enter Cassandra and Fernando from different directions
Fernando I got the message from Chiquita, I am sorry about Tybalt, I have to go away now.
Cassandra Knowing Me, knowing you this is going to break our hearts. But I will be happier knowing you are alive somewhere rather than dead in the city cells.
Fernando This is sad but maybe you can have a happy new year.
Cassandra and Fernando hug then exit in different directions
Narrator Act 4, Scene 1 – Friar Laurences Cell
Enter Bjorn and Friar Laurence
Bjorn Well Friar, as Tybalt’s death has made everyone sad Erikson has decided I can marry Cassandra earlier than planned to cheer everyone up.
Friar Laurence I doubt it will cheer up Cassandra.
Bjorn Oh she’ll be as good as new in no time. See you tomorrow
Exit Bjorn
Friar Laurence I’m a marionette just doing as those who pull my strings ask.
Enter Cassandra
Cassandra You must help me Friar I can not marry that horrible man Bjorn.
Friar Laurence While out in the summer night city I was given this potion. It will make every one think you are dead. I will send a message to Fernando who can come and get you when they lay you to rest.
Cassandra Thank you Friar
Exit Cassandra
Friar Laurence I must go and find my Eagle
Exit Friar Laurence
Act 4, Scene 2 – Cassandra’s Room
Cassandra is laying on her bed
Enter Chiquita
Chiquita Get up Cassandra, time to get married.
Chiquita shakes Cassandra
Chiquita I need to send out an SOS. I think my little tiger is dead!
Chiquita runs of stage
Act 5, Scene 1 – The Erikson Tomb
Cassandra is laid out to rest
Enter Fernando
Fernando Oh my poor Cassandra, they say lovers live a little longer but this is not true, you have poisened yourself and I will now do the same.
Fernando chokes and falls to the floor as Cassandra wakes up for her final lines.
Cassandra Fernando, you can not die as the piper plays.I took a sleeping potion the day before you came to rescue me in the lovelight.
Cassandra holds Fernando’s dying body.
Fernando I Let the music speak.
Cassandra The King kong song? If it wasn’t for the nights maybe I could move on. Fernando you are slipping through my fingers maybe my kisses of fire can wake you.
Cassandra kisses Fernando
Cassandra Gimme Gimme Gimme a sign. Please live on and on and on for me and Bobby and Bobby’s brother
Fernando flops to the ground
Cassandra Does your mother know what fools we have been? The winner takes it all but on this merry-go-round we have nothing. I was gonna sing you my love song. My mamma said dance while the music still goes on. But fot me the music has stopped.
Cassandra draws out her knife and stabs her self.
Cassandra Bang-a-boomerang I no longer wish to dance. I have a dream
Cassandra lays down dead
Enter Erikson and Johanson
Johanson My Son!
Erikson My Daughter!
Johanson Dum dum diddle, this is a muddle
Erikson Our children dead together. I saw it in the mirror.
Johanson bends down to pick something up
Johanson Ring ring
Erikson A ring each, they must have married in secret.
Johanson Voulez Vous, we shall build a monument in their memory and if they could learn to love each other so could we
Erikson and Johanson hug
Erikson I also found this note from Fernando to Cassandra
Johanson What does it say
Erikson Forever, and Thank you for the music.

The Cast:

At least 4 actors are needed! If more split the roles of actors 3 and 4.
The Narrator could be one of the actors or a separate person.

Actor 1: Fernando
Actor 2: Cassandra, The Prince
Actor 3: Svenvolio, Lady Erikson, Erikson, Friar Laurence, Mercutio
Actor 4: Chiquita, Tybalt, Servant, Johanson, Bjorn

Characters in each scene:
Act1 Scene 1 – Svenvolio, Tybalt, Prince, Fernando
Act 1 Scene 2 – Servant, Svenvolio, Fernando
Act 1 Scene 3 – Lady Erikson, Chiquita, Cassandra
Act 1 Scene 4 – Erikson, Cassandra, Fernando, Tybalt

Act 2 Scene 1 – Fernando, Cassandra
Act 2 Scene 2 – Friar Laurence, Fernando
Act 2 Scene 3 – Svenvolio, Fernando, Chiquita
Act 2 Scene 4 – Friar Laurence, Fernando, Cassandra

Act 3 Scene 1 – Mercutio, Fernando, Tybalt, Prince
Act 3 Scene 2 – Chiquita, Cassandra
Act 3 Scene 3 – Fernando, Cassandra

Act 4 Scene 1 – Bjorn, Friar Laurence, Cassandra
Act 4 Scene 2 – Cassandra, Chiquita

Act 5 Scene 1 – Fernando, Cassandra, Erikson, Johanson

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