This play was written for a Cubs Christmas show,  another Leader came up with the idea and I filled in the gaps and wrote the script.

The Cast:-

Anything in italics like this is an action, not speech.

Six toys are sitting on a shelf waiting to be taken by Santa to places around the world.

Soldier (Stands up at attention), Wakey, Wakey, rise and shine. Come on you ‘orrible lot this is your last briefing before your mission.
Teddy Do you mind, not so much noise. I’m still rather sleepy.
Clown Wots this about briefings and missions, come on life’s a laugh, stop being serious.
Soldier Less of your lip son, this is serious stuff. We have a job to do for our creator.
Clown Come off it. Can’t we just have some fun tonight?
Doll Please let Mr. Soldier speak. I want to know what he has to say, he’s got quite a cute voice.
Soldier (Cough, cough!) Well err, we have been made by the creator to carry out a special task.
Teddy (Yawn!) Okay, so what does he want us to do?
Puppet And who is this guy?
Robot You mean you do not know. That is very illogical.
Doll I must say I’ve never heard of him either.
Clown You know that jolly guy who was here earlier. That’s him. He’s the creator.
Puppet That big fat guy dressed in red?
Robot That was a rather unethical thing to say.
Teddy (Speaking to the clown) Do you think he knows what those big words mean.
Clown I have no idea, but they sound good.
Robot The large proportioned man is the greatest person in the whole wide world.
Teddy Yeah, he’s such a great guy. He has three names, he’s THE KING.
Doll You mean Elvis Aaron Presley? Is he still alive?
Robot No, don’t be silly. Elvis makes music not toys.
Puppet Well come on, I’m dying to find out who it is. I’ll get all my strings in a tangle if you don’t tell me.
Teddy Father Christmas
Soldier Santa Claus
Robot Saint Nicholas
Doll OOoooohhhhhh! We are honoured toys. What must we do?
Soldier That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.
Puppet Well go on then. Get on with it.
Soldier Our job is to make some special children happy.
Doll How wonderful.
Clown Happy! Oh great! Whooopppeee!!!
Puppet Well who are these children then?
Soldier Only Santa knows that.
(Silence comes over all the toys as they ponder where they could go.)
Clown I hope my child isn’t a rich kid. They are always spoilt and don’t really deserve a special toy like me.
Teddy Yeah! I wanna go to a child that really could do with a friend. One that will give me big cuddles and will feel happy again afterwards.
Doll Aren’t all children the same, just living in different places?
Clown It would be nice if it was. But it’s different every where.
Robot Some children are happy and some are sad.
Teddy Some have friends, others have none.
Soldier Some children are good and some are bad.
Puppet And some haven’t even got a dad or mum.
Doll Ooooooh! Those poor, poor children. Can’t we find them what they are missing?
Clown It’s not that easy. We just help by giving them a bit of love. From the love they give us.
Robot There are many children in the world that are missing things in their lives or are in bad situations.
Puppet Some children don’t have homes. Others are in countries that are in such a mess that they will be lucky to get any food this Christmas.
Doll Oooooh!  That sounds awful, those poor, poor children.
Soldier Now you see why our job is important.
Teddy Let us and all the children that have things think of those that are less off than we are.
Clown We may all be happy this Christmas but there will be many that won’t be.
Robot Shhhh! I think there is someone coming. Quick places and all be still.
The toys take their places and sit perfectly still as Santa wealks into the warehouse from another room.
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