This was one of those silly thoughts that came one day when hearing the Hamlet quote.
The lines said by the characters should have the same flow as the original.
There was going to be more to this, but so far I haven’t got around to adding more, maybe I will be inspired and continue one day.

Craig Awwww, there goes the bell. Give us the ball, time for lessons again.
John <sigh> Geography in 2B.
Paul Yeah. And the sun is shining out side. I wish we could have another game of footy.
Craig Oh, I forgot to do my homework again, I’d only get in to trouble if I went to class.
John So this raises a question.
Paul 2B or not 2B ?
Craig What was the question ?
Paul Whether it’s nobler for our minds to suffer the tests and papers of outrageous teachers or to the park, away from our troubles of forgotten homework.
Craig The park: to play; No work;
John And by a footy game we end the heart-ache and the thousand written lines that we are usest to.
Paul It’s an abomination that we do not wish.
Craig The park, to play; to play: Perhaps a game:
Paul Yes, here’s our chance. For on the pitch of grass our dreams may come when we can win for our favourite team.
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