20th Century Peter Pan

This is an adaptation of Peter Pan by J M Barrie, well the Disney story book version anyway. It was written for a Christmas play for the Scout Group I was with at the time. There were no girl Cubs or Scouts at the time which is why there is only two female characters, we managed to get one Scout to play Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily was played by another Scout’s little sister. Part of the play was to grab a few unsuspecting people from the audience to play parts that we had not filled, though the little sister had been warned. The adults I nabbed had not 😉 The script contains very few action prompts or scene change details. I must have added them into a later version, but you should be able to make it out without them.

The Characters:-
William (This is Wendy in the original story.)
Peter Pan
Indian Cheif
Princess Tiger Lily
Captain Hook
Mr Smee
The Water Alien (This is the crocodile in the original story.)
Lost Boy 1
Lost Boy 2
Pirate 1
Pirate 2
Indian 1
Indian 2

Narrator Our story begins in the Darling household. William and his brothers were restless. It was almost their bedtime, but they weren’t sleepy at all.
John It’s almost bedtime, but I’m not sleepy at all.
Narrator I’ve just said that.
John Oh! Sorry.
Narrator Just get on with it.
John What shall we play? {sigh} I’m bored with all our old games.
William I could tell you a story of Peter Pan who visited our great grand parents.
Michael Oh no! Not another boring story.
Narrator So William told them a story about Peter Pan and the Pirates, even they didn’t want to listen. I don’t know kids today it’s all computer games. After the story had finished the boys went back to play some more games.
John My turn first on Sonic.
Narrator Just then …..
Peter Pan It must be around here somewhere.
Michael Oh it’s Peter Pan, he has come in the middle of my turn on Sonic.
Peter Pan Thanks guys pleased to see you too. Has anyone seen my shadow?
William Here it is. I’ll just get some double-sided sticky tape.
John He wants to be a Blue Peter presenter.
William There we go Peter, stuck back as good as new.
Peter Pan Thanks Will.
Michael What’s Never Land like Peter?
Peter Pan It’s a wonderful place, I’ll take you there, we will have fun in Never Land.
John How do we get there? I’ve never known the train to stop there.
William Don’t be silly John, you can’t take the train to Never Land.
Peter Pan That’s right. Just a sprinkle of pixie dust and we’re in Never Land.
Michael Don’t we fly like in the story?
Peter Pan No this is new improved pixie dust that you wouldn’t swap two of your old packets of pixie dust for.
Narrator One sprinkle of pixie dust of the new improved variety and they were outside the secret hideout of the Lost Boys.
William Cor! This place looks great.
Tinkerbell Hmph, more boys, god can’t stand them, got to get out of here.
Narrator Her tune will be different in a few years time.
Lost Boy 1 Welcome to our secret hide out.
Lost Boy 2 Come on, we’ll give you a tour of the island.
Michael Okay, but have you got Sonic?
Peter Pan William, we’ll go the other way and leave them to talk about those daft computer games.
Narrator The boys went off in their groups for the tour around the island. Until ….
(Two Indians jump out on the boys.)
Indian 1 Um. We take you to the chief.
Indian 2 Um. Yes come with us.
(The Indians take the boys to the Chief.)
Chief Where is my daughter, Tiger Lily? What have you done with her?
Lost Boy 2 We haven’t done anything with her.
Lost Boy 1 Can we go now?
Chief No.
Narrator Meanwhile elsewhere ….
Peter Pan Look down there, Captain Hook and Smee have Tiger Lily.
Hook If you don’t tell us where Peter Pan’s hide out is we will leave you on this island.
Peter Pan Stop what you’re doing Hook or you’ll have to deal with me.
(The Alien walks on behind Hook while Hook and Peter Pan fight over Tiger Lily. Suddenly Hook falls out of the boat and the alien grabs Hook.)
Hook Smee, HELP, save me from this alien.
Alien Aggle Baggle Raggle.
Smee I’m coming captain, Hold on.
(Peter rescues Tiger Lily while Smee rescues Hook.)
(Peter, William and Tiger Lily go back to the village.)
Chief Thank you Peter for rescuing my daughter, let’s have a party.
(Everyone leaves the stage to party.)
(Tinkerbell is walking along in the forest when suddenly Smee grabs her and takes her to the ship.)
Smee Got you pixie.
On the ship
Hook Welcome aboard, Miss Tinkerbell. I’m sure you have noticed things have got worse since William and his brothers arrived here. Tomorrow I’m leaving the island forever I could take William and his brothers with me if you tell me where to find them.
Tinkerbell The hideout is here.
Hook You’ve been most helpful. Now I can get Peter Pan. Smee lock Tinkerbell up.
(Back at the hide out)
William We must be going now Peter. We’ll have to go home.
Pirate 1 Arrrr, look we have found those pesky kids.
Pirate 2 Lets get them back to the captain.
(Back at the ship)
Hook Become pirates or you’ll have to walk the plank.
Narrator Tinkerbell manages to escape her prison and make it back to Peter Pan.
Tinkerbell Peter, Hook has captured William, his brothers and the Lost boys.
(Back at the ship)
Michael We will never become pirates.
William Peter Pan will come and rescue us.
Peter Pan We will fight you to the end Hook.
Hook I’ll get you this time Peter Pan.
(All start fighting. After a little while Hook looses his balance and falls into the sea and is chased away by the Alien.)
The pirates jump into the sea and swim off. The Boys give a big cheer.
Peter Pan Time to go home now.
Narrator Peter Pan sprinkles some more new improved pixie dust over them and they appear back in the children’s bedroom.
William I think we’re all tired it’s time to go to sleep.
Narrator The boys all climbed into their beds and went to sleep.
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