I just found Google Instant and I like it.
So I thought I would have a play and a bit of fun!

What would be the top result from just typing a single letter?
This is what would give me 26 links (A to Z).

Really it’s 26 links plus a few more, where an addition or alternative is suggested in the comments for each result.
But firstly if you don’t know what Google Instant a quick quote/link from Google.

Google Instant

Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. We are pushing the limits of our technology and infrastructure to help you get better search results, faster. Our key technical insight was that people type slowly, but read quickly, typically taking 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds (a tenth of the time!) to glance at another part of the page. This means that you can scan a results page while you type.

A is for Argos

The one stop catalogue shop for all those items you really can’t be bothered to shop for. And once you realise it’s rubbish, doesn’t do what you thought or only needed for the day you can take it back again.

B is for BBC

A site I regularly visit especially for the news and weather. You can’t beat the beeb. And just in case I miss my fave shows there is of course the BBC iPlayer.

C is for Currys

Part of the Dixons group and one of the big ‘no personal service’ retailers. I’m not a fan, especially working for an independent retailer, where we do offer personal service and can give those little extras.
So two more links Euronics, the buying group behind many independent electrical retailers which give them more buying power than the likes of Currys, and Lea Electrics, the place I work and who will give you a much better service and deal on your product (plug plug plug).

So that’s 4 extra links so far!

D is for Debenhams

Another large group, though this time a department store. Yes I have shopped here, mainly good for finding christmas presents and the wife likes the furnishings. But there are still much better places to go. I do like the coffee shop and their hot chocolate at the Luton branch.

E is for eBay

What can I say. Everyone has heard of eBay, and nearly everyone has used it. Not a big user of the site, but great for a bargain. I got my last phone there for £8.50

F is for Facebook

The only community site I use, as do many many others. But how many people really do have 456 friends? I’m happy with 59, but how many of them are really friends? Shouldn’t there be a sections for work colleagues, family, aquaintences and I don’t know who you are but you asked me.

G is for Google Maps

Well it couldn’t be Google we’re searching from there, so it’s the next best thing. How would I ever know where I’m going with out it? Well on the ‘puter I always used Multimap but since Microsoft have ‘binged’ it up I am more inclined to switch to Google. The phone is always Google.

H is for Hotmail

To be more accurate Live. Microsoft’s service that brings Hotmail, Messenger and everything else together.
With the online office tools that make my life easier it’s another site that gets a regular visit, though I have never used Hotmail.

I is for ITV

A rarely watched channel at home. BBC always comes top of the list, mainly 1,3 & Cbeebies. With the ever expanding choice of digital channels ITV will probably be forgotten altogether by me. A channel that is worth a mention is Dave, it’s free, it shows old BBC stuff and calling a channel Dave is brilliant, especially as the +1 is Dave ja vu – BRILLIANT

J is for John Lewis

Another department store and one the wife is a bigger fan of. I like their food department (Waitrose) and the fact that even though we don’t have a Waitrose in Luton Ocado still deliver here. And recently I did a small price comparison of the local deliverying supermarkets and they worked out only a few pence dearer than Asda. Maybe I will have to compare a full shop and list the results.

K is for KLM

Royal Dutch Airlines.
Never been on a plane, so never used them. Can’t really comment on airlines. Once I’ve used one I’ll have an opinion until then…

L is for Lotto

The National Lottery. Hey I’m sure it’s my turn to win. Yes I am sad enough to play every week, best win is £65 but I am waiting for the big one! I do get emails daily from around the world telling me I have won big money on some lottery I’ve never heard of which you can read all about here.

M is for MSN

Another one for Microsoft.
Microsoft’s portal, offering local News, sports, MSN Money, games, videos, entertainment, gossip, weather, shopping, etc. And somewhere I never use. The BBC already have their link above where my news comes from.

N is for Next

NEXT! Usually full of too many people looking at overpriced sales! Or completely empty.
Not my place for shopping.

O is for o2

My mobile phone service providor. And a good job they do too. Never lost service, works nearly everywhere and now they do the simplicity sim I have a contract service that fits me without having to buy a phone I don’t want or need.

Though for the internet/blackberry abilities I wanted I have more texts and minutes than I would ever use. But I do have as much Google and emails where ever I am, especially to annoy the wife

P is for PayPal

The payment service of eBay, and used by other websites too. Easy and secure and not much else to say.

Q is for QVC

The shopping channel for quality jewlery and nik-naks. Okay, if it looks cheap and tacky or you really don’t need it you will find it here. And add up those really amazing offers (plus the phone charges and packaging).

R is for Rightmove

Not a website you would use everyday but we did use it A LOT when looking for our home. The new home search engine.

S is for Sky

The main subscription satellite service for the UK. I used to subscribe a long while ago, but it wasn’t worth it as I was still mainly watching the BBC, accept for the odd Sky1 sci-fi show. A much better option is Freesat, lots of digital channels from satellite, no monthly cost and in my opinion all most the good channels are there (no Dave).

One nice thing is Sky’s Skyplayer on the XBox, now if the beeb and Microsoft could add the iPlayer I would be more than delighted.

T is for Tesco

My choice of supermarket. Why? It’s a short walk down the road, prices are usually good and it’s the least annoying of the local supermarkets. Though this opinion may change once they have finished the extension and re-arranging the store. I don’t think I have walked out of store in annoyance which I have done at both Sainsbury’s and Asda (well never even made it through the door).

U is for YouTube

Well you would expect Google to put YouTube at the top. Second option was utube which FireFox tells me is an untrustworthy site and WOT (Web Of Trust) advises me to stay away when clicking. WOT is a very useful extension for FireFox and worth a link.#

V is for Virgin Media

Broadband, TV and phone all at a wonderful price. Or so the headlines say, until you read the small print.

I recently looked into changing service as our broadband is only 2meg as we are far from the exchange. But it all looked good until I read it carefully and noticed what was missing (the phone line charges) and it made the service to much more expensive. My choice PlusNet, provide phone and net, now owned by BT but cheaper

W is for BBC Weather

The beeb again. No complaints here and I use the weather site often and most of the time it’s correct.

X is for XBox

Our home multimedia centre, oh yes and it’s a game machine. Another site that I now and then but the XBox itself gets used everyday, mainly to play DVDs or other media.

Y is for YouTube

Already listed, good old Google getting there own services in first. But wouldn’t you?

Z is for Zara

Never heard of it! A quick look at the clothing website it only went online on the 1st September so it’s not suprising.

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