Eskimo Kissing. Now is this just kissing Eskimos or the way Eskimos kiss?

I would say it is definitely the way Eskimos kiss. It is a bit too cold for them to kiss with lips. They would get stuck together and it would all be rather silly and painful. So instead the kiss by rubbing noses. May seem a little silly but it warms up your nose and stops your lips getting stuck together. To be honest I quite like Eskimo kissing, even though I am not an Eskimo myself. The soggy lips involved and people think you are being extra soppy. It is definitely a good way of winding people up. Or what if there is someone around, especially at a party, that you wish would go off and talk to someone else. Be soppy, Eskimo kiss your partner and look deeply into their eyes. The other person usually gets fed up or ill from watching you and goes and finds someone else to annoy.

Eskimo kissing frozen metal posts is also not as silly as kissing them normally. Though why you would want to kiss a post I do not really want to know, and no tonguing it. You will only get stuck and look very very stupid. But remember you have been warned, so do not blame me. Eskimo Kissing is safest.

Eskimo Kissing is also safest from germs, no saliva passing from one person to another (just don’t Eskimo kiss some one with a runny nose!). Gentle rubbing of noses has got to be safest all around.
Now for those of you who are a little more adventurous, you could always Eskimo kiss another part of the body, why should it be nose to nose. I’ll leave you to decide what bits. Eskimo kissing the feet might be good with the right person. Just do not do it to someone who does not like their feet being touched or tickled or you may end up with a bloody or broken nose. We do not want that now do we!

Remember you have been warned but do have fun. And try dipping it in chocolate.

Note:- I would like to make it clear the only one of the above I have tried is rubbing noses. The others were just suggestions and odd ideas so do not blame me if you try these out yourself.

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