(Buteo Anticipo)

The Latent Buzzard is neither a buzzard nor not a buzzard, but is just about to be. It nearly has a large wing span, short neck and dark grey

Waiting for something important to happen. Flying off somewhere else once it has started.

If it could be bothered it would give a mewing call.

The Latent Buzzard lives in trees or crags where a nest will be built in the future.

Mammals that will become small, earthworms and anything that has past its importance.

The Latent Buzzard isn’t obvious or explicit with its breeding pattern.

Movement and Migration:
The Latent Buzzards generally live in one area. They could move to a new area but are waiting for that moment.

The Latent Buzzard spends most of its life waiting in anticipation for something to happen. Once this period of latency is over the buzzard will fly off to a new location and event or die. Many buzzards spend their whole lives, of many years, waiting for one event. The anticipated events can often be a bit of a let down so many of the older Latent Buzzards who have seen a few events can be bitter and twisted creatures.  If you find a Latent Buzzard is following you around you can be assured that something is going to happen to you or someone you’re about to meet.

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