(Turtylus Non-seeus)

What the turtles would look like if not invisible.

There are many occurrences in the home that we take for granted as just one of those things that happen. But in reality this could have been caused by the Invisible Turtles.


Walking across ceilings, going bump in the night and upsetting the normal balance of things!

None. They communicate with each other by telepathy.

Any ceiling, but most often a bedroom or living room ceiling is home.

Non-stick coatings, blue-tack, socks (but never a pair) and the water from the fish tank.

Probably a complicated issue that has never been witnessed. This task must be difficult for the Invisible Turtle not being able to see each other or what sex their partner is. They obviously do breed as the existence of the baby turtle has been know of long before that of the adults.

Movement and Migration:
The Invisible Turtle spends most of its life scurry around the ceiling of one building. As they grow and mature they will look for a new home moving out of their childhood home on their eighteenth birthday.

The Invisible Turtles live in many dimensions; they may even be in your home at this very moment. Obviously being invisible you will not see them. There are many ways of knowing if they are in your home.

The water in the fish tank.
Many believe the water evaporates, even when their is a lid on the tank. It does not, the Invisible Turtles drink it.

Light bulbs blowing.
Light bulbs are made to last forever, and they would if it was not for the Invisible Turtles. Have you noticed how irregular bulbs are at blowing, and sometimes more than one bulb goes at a time. The turtles may accidently or purposefully knock the bulb causing it to blow.

A sudden unexplainable bump in the night.
This is usually caused by an Invisible Turtle falling off of the ceiling.

Tripping over something, when nothing is there.
It is not just clumsiness, stumbling over your own two feet, it’s more likely an Invisible Turtle that has just fallen off the ceiling.

The non-stick goes from your saucepans even though you have treated them just as the salesman told you.
The non-stick has been eaten, this is one of the Invisible Turtles favourite sources of food.

Another favourite source of food is socks, especially those that are in the washing machine. So it’s no wonder that sometimes we find a sock missing when taking the laundry out of the washing machine.

These are not the only things caused by the Invisible Turtles, but it gives you an idea of what they are up to. The young cause a different set of problems which can be read about here.

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