(Bigmonkeyus Groosomus)

A Gruesome Gorilla

Big, hairy and approximately two metres tall. The Gruesome Gorilla has a very gruesome look and very large fists. Dark, hairy body and often wearing a tie, (Males and Females).

The Gruesome Gorilla lives to work, and works to live.

Very deep and commanding.

Any well furnished abode supplied by its employer.

A wide selection of fruit, especially bananas.

You really don’t want to think about it.

Movement and Migration:
The Gruesome Gorilla is a hard working animal and will relocate to any area where it can find a decent paid job (not that anyone would dare to not pay a Gruesome Gorilla decently).

The Gruesome Gorilla is a hard working creature and is most happy when carrying out hard work. They are often employed as body guards or debt collectors and are very efficient at both jobs. They have very small brains so can only carry out the simplest of tasks and don’t ask too many questions. When a Gruesome Gorilla is sent to do a task its small brain can make it very difficult to talk it out of doing it.

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