(Baconus Upus)

A Flying Pig

Very similar to the normal pig except for the foldable wings on either side of its body.

Flying around and rolling in mud.

Sounds very ‘oinking’ like but very articulate.

Large forests where they can search for truffles or acorns.

Truffles, acorns and a variety of other nuts.

The Flying Pigs usually breed in the spring, high up in trees out of sight of any spectators.

Movement and Migration:
The Flying Pig is less hairy than its more normal cousins so prefers warm weather, but not too sunny. Thus the pig will fly south to a warmer climate for the winter.

The Flying Pig is a delicacy in some countries. With the extra exercise it does and the large wings they have a very tender pork flavour. Catching one can be quite a task so they are a sought after and expensive dish. So the price of some bacon really has gone up.

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