(Armadillyus Fluffyus)

The Pink Fluffy Armadillo

The Fluffy Armadillo is easy to distinguish from its more common counter part. The shell is fluffy and bright pink. This makes it look rather cute.

The Fluffy Armadillo has a habit of turning up and watching when something goes wrong that was not expected but was bound to happen. It is believed by some that they may even cause these events to happen.

The Fluffy Armadillo talks very little but can often be heard to give out a little snigger.

The Fluffy Armadillo is a nomad creature roaming around the land spending little time as possible in any location. They can always be found where something that could go wrong has.

Small insects, earth worms and of course pizza.

The mating habits of the Fluffy Armadillo are very much a mystery as no females of the species have ever been seen.

Movement and Migration:
The Fluffy Armadillo has never been seen on the move but has been found in many locations. It is believed they use hidden paths through the multiverse to move from one location to another.

Although these creatures look cuddly and cute it is believed that they are none of the sort. Always being in the right place to see just what is going wrong and giving a little snigger when it does. If something is expected to go wrong a Fluffy Armadillo is unlikely to turn up, they are only there when it is unexpected, sometimes know as Murphy’s Law after the first Fluffy Armadillo.

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