(Catapi Energus)

Energy Caterpillar

Small, cute and wriggly. Often found on cabbage leaves and waving a small flag with its tail.

Eating mushrooms, cabbages and various leaves and thinking about relativity.

Has no voice. Communicates by waving little coloured flags with its tail, similar to semaphore

The Energy Caterpillar can usually found on the underside of a cabbage leaf.

Leaves. Mainly those of the cabbage variety.

Infertile in this immature state. Can only breed once it has undergone metamorphosis into the Electric Moth.

Movement and Migration:
he Energy Caterpillar will live all its immature life in the same field of cabbages or in the same tree or bush.

Most of you may not realise that the Energy Caterpillars have a great deal to do with the equation e=mc2.

It is believed in many circles that the letters stood for the following : –
e = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light.

Well this is not true, would not ‘s’ or ‘l’ have been used for the speed of light. The ‘c’ stands for caterpillar.

Energy has to come from somewhere; it does not just appear out of thin air you know! So this energy is created for the world by caterpillars’. The creatures of course keep to a strict rule, so not too much energy is created at one time, that could be very dangerous!!

The caterpillar needs a source to create this energy; cabbages seem to be the prefered choice though any leaf will do.

This energy is collected from specially controlled cabbage farms and stored in small cylinder containers, usually just a few centimetres in size. These containers can be used in many of the devices used today.

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