(Radi Crop Locii)

A Crop Circle Locust

Unidentifiable from the ordinary locust on the outside. But with a highly mathematical mind.

Eating fields of corn and the like in mathematical circular patterns.

The Crop Circle Locust has no voice but can make a harsh humming sound with its back legs.

Fields of corns or grasses.

Wheat, barley, maize, oats and tall grasses.

The Crop Circle Locust breed enthusiastically for many days during the winter months when crops are in short supply.

Movement and Migration:
The Crop Circle Locusts move about according to a complicated mathematical sequence devised by the leading locust.

The Crop Circle Locusts travel from location to location eating mathematical circle patterns in the fields they visit. It is believed by many that the they are trying to send out some special message to other groups of locusts or some other beings, maybe from another planet. The truth of the matter is they eat in these strange patterns because it amuses them. The Locusts are very intelligent creatures with very little to do so they use up their time and brain power creating the intricate crop circles that have been seen in many locations around the world. These patterns can be very intricate and you are unlikely to ever see the same patter again. Each groups’ patterns a very distinct, and different groups can be tracked by the types of circular patterns.

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