(Babi Turtyus Invisiblus)

A representation of the baby turtle (or what it looks like if they were visible)

The baby turtles are invisible (and very small).  And manage to cause more than their fair share of mischeif.

Causing havoc to electronic equipment and hiding in computer keyboards.


The baby turtles live in electronic equipment, light switches and fuse boxes..

The baby turtles do not need food until they mature.

They are babies so don’t think about that sort of thing.

Movement and Migration:
The baby turtles will stay living in the first electronic item they find until they become a teenager where they will move to the ceiling where their parents live.

Have you ever been typing, especially late at night, and found certain letters that you typed appeared in the wrong order, or did not appear?  This is caused by the baby turtles living underneath the keyboard. You may also notice the odd letter added when not expected.

The baby turtles seem to have become more advanced over the many years they have been around and can now effect more than just typing. Have you noticed that sometimes that email doesn’t get where it is going or goes to your boss by mistake. Again this is caused by the baby turtles. They have the ability to change the order of menus, options, names as well as letters. So be very careful in what you have typed or which option you have selected.

The baby turtles a very protective of their species and can often make very curious things happen, especially to computers. While compiling these pages for no reason at all the monitor went blank for a second when it came back on everything was there except the page I was writing on the turtles.
This was an obvious ploy of theirs to stop these pages from being published.

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