(Gerblus Acrobaticus)

Acrobatic Gerbil

The Acrobatic Gerbil looks very similar in size, colouring and appearance to a normal gerbil. At first glance they look very ordinary but under their front legs are small flaps that give them their aerobatic and acrobatic capabilities.

Leaping about in the air with a great show of acrobatics late evening and early morning. Most of the daytime is spent sleeping.

The Acrobatic Gerbil has a small squeaky voice.

High up in the forest canopy.
The Acrobatic Gerbils make small homes of twigs and leaves usually against the upper trunk of a tree.

Nuts from various trees. Their favourite food is horse chestnuts.

The Acrobatic Gerbil breeds while performing its most spectacular aerobatics. The female usually has one or two babies at a time.

Movement and Migration:
The Acrobatic Gerbil leaves home when reaching maturity to set up its own nest. It will stay there for its life.

The Acrobatic Gerbil can be easily trained and will perform for peanuts, chestnuts or acorns. There are many teams of Flying Gerbils around the world that have been trained to perform in groups, these can be a spectacular site of synchronised acrobatics. With their great abilities they can be used for tasks other than acrobatic displays and make very skilful pickpockets.

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