This was originally written in 1999 when there was a lot of hype about the millenium bug (y2k). I re-wrote some of the conversation, as I converted the code for the updated website, just because I had the opportunity to do so and the thoughts popped into my head.

This is Aggie’s & Bettie’s solution to the problem for Bettie’s nephew.

Aggie Why are you buying that insect spray? I like them around the house.
Bettie It’s for my nephew, I think he may need it.
Aggie Oooooo, has he got those nasty beetles back in his flat?
Bettie Oh no. That mixture you gave him last week worked a treat.
Aggie Mixture? What mixture?
Bettie The brown one, in the big dish.
Aggie That was a stew for his lunch.
Bettie Really? Well he’s never liked your stews and it looks like the beetles didn’t either.
Aggie So what’s the spray for? He can’t have more bugs in the flat?
Bettie No, not in the house. They are in his computer, pesky little ones, going to stop it working.
Aggie You sure it’s not those baby turtles?
Bettie No, they only mess about with things and delete your work.  These pesky bugs are going to stop all the computers working at the end of the year.
Aggie All at the end of year. What in some end of year computer trashing party?
Bettie Aparently so. And I don’t want them to get his computer. He’s doing important things on the interweb.
Aggie I thought it was one big bug. I hear it is going to sit in the high street and stop the traffic lights working and hold up all the traffic on New Year’s Eve.
Bettie Hmmm, we will need a lot of spray to kill that one.
Aggie I’m sure I could make up a special mixture to kill it.
Bettie Nothing special needed. I think another batch of your stew would do it.
Aggie Could we put some in the computer?
Bettie Not a good idea. I don’t think the turtles would like that. And you remember the agreement.
Aggie Yes, don’t want to upset them. But what about his bug?
Bettie He hasn’t got a bug. He’s as fit as fiddle, as strong as an ox.
Aggie No, not a stomach bug, the computer bug.
Bettie Oh, that bug.
Aggie Yes that bug, any suggestions?
Bettie Maybe we shouldn’t bother, after the party they will probably go away.
Aggie So why the spray?
Bettie Need to get to town on New Year’s Day. I don’t want to be stopped by a bug holding up the traffic.
Aggie There’s always other ways to get there.
Bettie Yes, but we don’t want to frighten anyone.
Aggie Okay, you pick up a few cans and I’ll make up an extra batch of my stew just in case.
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