Bettie explains to Aggie what went into her cough mixture and some of the side effects.

Aggie I have been thinking again.
Bettie Oh, you didn’t get a migraine did you?
Aggie No, I try not to think too hard, I don’t like those migraines.
Bettie I made a cure for them.
Aggie Yes, but it always gives me the hiccups.
Bettie I have a cure for those too.
Aggie And that puts spots before my eyes.
Bettie There is an easy cure for spots before the eyes.
Aggie I know, but that gives me a migraine.
Bettie Oh, never mind. Maybe one day I will make a cure without any side effects.
Aggie At least the side effects aren’t as bad as your cough mixture.
Bettie That was only one batch. I think that was too much vinegar.
Aggie Are you sure it was the vinegar? Poor Albert was bright orange for a month.
Bettie Errrm, maybe it was something else.
Aggie Like what?
Bettie Oh, I don’t know.
Aggie Come on, what did you put in the cough mixture?
Bettie Maybe it was the curry powder.
Aggie Curry powder does not make you go orange.
Bettie A lot of it might.
Aggie Even a lot of curry powder wouldn’t turn you orange.
Bettie It might.
Aggie I put a whole pot in your stew last week and you didn’t turn orange.
Bettie I went red.
Aggie But only for a moment.
Bettie But what if I added more.
Aggie How much more than one pot?
Bettie Well you know the barrel of curry powder you keep in the cellar?
Aggie Yes?
Bettie I took out a whole bucket full.
Aggie You took out a whole bucket full? No wonder poor Albert went orange, but surely he wouldn’t have stayed orange for so long.
Bettie I didn’t put the bucket of curry powder in.
Aggie You didn’t? So why did Albert turn orange?
Bettie Now I think about it, it was definitely the curry powder.
Aggie With less than a bucket full?
Bettie No, with quite a lot.
Aggie You said you didn’t put all the bucket in.
Bettie I didn’t put any of the curry powder from the bucket in. I left the bucket in the cellar in case you wanted some.
Aggie I would have just taken some out of the barrel.
Bettie Ah, you see I used what was left in the barrel.
Aggie You used a whole barrel of curry powder in the cough mixture?
Bettie Not the whole barrel. I took out a bucket full first. I knew it would be silly to use a whole barrel full.
Aggie I doubt one bucket full would have made that much difference.
Bettie I’m sure it would have. Quite a bit of difference.
Aggie Really? How much difference?
Bettie Well, poor Albert was nearly dead afterwards.
Aggie You nearly killed Albert?
Bettie Very much so. I did cure his cough though, and I think he had a flu coming too.
Aggie Poor Albert. What did he say afterwards?
Bettie For a while nothing. Then he looked in the mirror. Then he said ‘Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh!’
Aggie I’m not surprised. Poor Albert.
Bettie Well he is much better now. He hasn’t mentioned having a cough since.
Aggie Neither would I if I knew you were going to nearly kill me just to cure it.
Bettie I never killed him. It was only nearly.
Aggie Still looks a little orange though.
Bettie He just tells everyone he’s just been on holiday.
Aggie Bless him.
Bettie I had to, after nearly killing him.